Care To Share Program

Not every dentist provides the same level of expertise, service and care. At Haven Dentistry, we are honored that many of our loyal patients tell their friends and family about us. Referrals are one of the best ways to grow our patient base, and we appreciate the trust our patients put in us when they tell others about our practice. As a thank you, we have our Care To Share program that rewards both our patients and the people they refer to Haven Dentistry in Richmond, TX.

Our mission at Haven Dentistry is to provide the highest quality dentistry to every patient, resulting in the best results and experience. If you are happy with your experience coming to Haven Dentistry, we hope that you will tell others about us. Our Care To Share Program gives you the opportunity to let your friends and family know about the level of service you have received from our team and invite them to join our dental family. This could benefit both of you if they come to see us in Richmond.

Our Referral Rewards Program

Not everyone has a dental practice that provides them with excellent care and results. Many people avoid the dentist due to a poor experience or chairside manner. Your friends and family may think all dentists are the same because they have only experienced subpar dental care. By using our referral program, you can let them know there is a better option available. Since they know and trust you, they will be more willing to give a new dental center a try, which is why we are willing to reward both you and your referrals with a gift.

Our best patients have come to us through referrals. They feel more at ease, as they have heard good things about us before they walk through the door. What is wonderful is that they truly appreciate the service we provide, as they have experienced other dental care that does not compare to the level of service our team members provide. It is a win for them and a win for us – we also want it to be a win for you if you referred the patient to us in the first place.

How Care To Share Works

When you refer someone to us –a family member, friend, co-worker or anyone you come in contact with – we will reward you and the new patient with a $25 credit. Your credit will be applied to your next visit, and the referred patient will also receive a $25 credit for their next visit. It is our way of saying thank you for helping us grow our dental family of patients.

Pick up a card anytime or at your next appointment at the front desk. You do not have to have a card to redeem the credit.

Heaven dentistry care to share program card example
Care to Share Program Card Example

If you know someone unhappy or unimpressed with their dentist or dental practice, we hope you will tell them about Haven Dentistry. Contact us for more information about our Care To Share Program and how you can earn rewards by referring patients to our dental center in Richmond, TX.

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