Childrens Dentistry

Richmond, TX Children’s Dentistry

Our children are one of the biggest motivators for the Haven Dentistry team. When opening our practice, we knew it was essential to offer dental services to patients of all ages. In order to keep our promise of cementing ourselves as a dental office driven by the community, we made it a priority to create a child-friendly environment.

Children’s dentistry can be as simple as an initial infant check or lap visit or cleanings and checkups. But can also be a little more complex like wisdom teeth extractions. Regardless of the reason for your visit, it’s important that you bring your kids in at an early age to meet their family dentist. Taking the initiative to visit us from those first baby-teeth eruptions can prove beneficial in avoiding dental anxiety. The more familiar a child is with their family’s dentist and the office, the less likely they are to develop fears. 

It is vital to establish good dental hygiene practices early on. Allow us to teach your children the best ways to care for their teeth. Good oral hygiene at home and regular cleanings can prevent painful cavities. Dental sealants can also be applied to prevent cavities. If pesky cavities do arise, our minimally invasive tooth fillings procedures should do the trick. Alternatively, porcelain crowns may be better suited for some patients. Regardless, we’ll treat your kids as one of our own from their very first visit.

Why Families Love Haven Dentistry

Our child-friendly environment is preferred by parents and caregivers. TVs are standard with Netflix in our dental operatories, time flies by while watching their favorite show. Before they know it, they are saying goodbye with a huge smile on their face. We also offer a complimentary beverage station as an added value to all our patients. At the end of each visit, we make sure your child doesn’t leave empty-handed. Goodie bags are provided for every kid we see! Good oral health doesn’t stop once you leave our office, that is why we provide a few items to promote good dental hygiene and avoid cavities. But don’t worry we also include plenty of fun items.

Whether it’s time for their first lap visit or your teen needs clear aligners, Haven Dentistry will treat your child with the highest level of care. Contact us to schedule a visit with your friendly family dentists here in Richmond, TX.

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