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Can I Get Dental Care Without Insurance?

Recent research dedicated to healthcare inequality in the United States revealed that an estimated 76 million adults don’t have dental insurance, the majority of which are post-retirement age. This survey on the State of Oral Health Equity in America for 2022 also found that 43 percent of adults cited the …

When You Need Emergency Dental Care

According to the American Dental Association, approximately 2.2 million people visit the hospital ER every year due to dental pain. Most people seek emergency dental care because of a major toothache; however, there are other dental emergencies that also require the expertise of a dentist. Unfortunately, most hospitals are ill-equipped …

Recognizing Nighttime Teeth Grinding

There are many habits that can occur during nighttime sleep. Whether it is snoring, sleep talking or grinding your teeth, you probably are not aware of your habit unless your bed partner tells you. When it comes to nighttime teeth grinding, however, you are likely to have some notable symptoms …

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