Dental Bridges

Do you have one or more missing teeth that are impacting your smile? If you want to improve your smile, a dental bridge may be the answer. A dental bridge offers a fixed, permanent option to replace a missing tooth with a beautiful prosthetic one. At Haven Dentistry, we offer a variety of options in dental bridges to replace missing teeth at our office in Richmond, TX.

A dental bridge uses your existing teeth as anchors to hold a prosthetic tooth, or pontic, in place. A common configuration is using the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth to support the pontic or pontics. The teeth on either side are fitted for dental crowns that are attached to the pontic, or fake tooth. The crowns are placed over the teeth and bonded in place, supporting the pontics between the crowns. This creates 3-4 beautiful teeth in a row, which are often more attractive than the natural teeth the crowns are covering and the pontics are replacing.

Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can impact both your appearance and oral health. A gap in your smile where a tooth is missing can cause more than a cosmetic problem. Teeth can shift due to the loss of a tooth, creating misalignment problems. This can detract from a straight smile, and it can also cause oral health issues. Teeth may be harder to keep clean when they shift, increasing risk of gum disease and decay. A dental bridge can fill that gap and help keep teeth in alignment for a healthier smile that looks beautiful.

Dental bridges are designed at our office by one of our cosmetic or restorative dentists. We use advanced dental technology to create a natural-looking tooth replacement that can be completed in just a few visits to our office.

If you have one or more missing teeth, there are options to restore your smile. At Haven Dentistry, we offer dental bridges for a fixed-in-place tooth replacement to give you back a complete smile. Contact our office to book your appointment. We are conveniently located near Aliana and Pecan Grove in Richmond, TX.

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