Halitosis Treatment

Bad breath odor is an undesirable affliction. When brushing your teeth, using mouthwash or popping breath mints does not control your breath odor, you may have halitosis, or chronic bad breath. While it is possible that halitosis is caused by an internal medical issue, it is more common to be caused by an oral health problem. At Haven Dentistry in Richmond, TX, our dental team can perform a comprehensive dental exam to determine the cause of bad breath and recommend halitosis treatment.

What causes bad breath? Everyone has bad breath once in a while. Some foods or beverages can cause temporary bad breath, but chronic breath odor is usually caused by bacteria. Infections and tooth decay are the most common causes of halitosis. You may not have other symptoms to alert you to an oral health issue, but bad breath can be an indicator. Infected or decayed teeth can emit a bad odor, as can infected gum tissue, due to the bacteria infection and diseased tissue.

Treatment for Bad Breath

The first step in determining treatment for halitosis or bad breath is diagnosing the cause. Our dental team will start with a thorough exam and cleaning to determine the cause of your breath odor. Our hygienist will perform a periodontal exam and teeth cleaning. If you have gingivitis or gum disease, this could be the cause of your halitosis. Sometimes, simply performing a teeth cleaning can relieve bad breath. After your dental cleaning, our dentist can perform a dental exam to look for any other dental issues. If you have tooth decay or any other infections, a treatment plan will be recommended to fix these problems to improve your bad breath and your oral health.

Most cases of halitosis stem from oral health problems. The best way to address bad breath is with a dental exam to ensure there is not an oral infection or other dental problem. If your halitosis is not due to a dental or oral issue, our dentist will refer you to a doctor to seek further medical treatment.

If you have halitosis, or chronic bad breath, contact us at Haven Dentistry. We can schedule a dental exam and cleaning to find the cause of your halitosis. Call our office in Richmond, TX, to schedule your appointment.

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