Wisdom Teeth Extractions

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Richmond, TX - Haven DentistryWisdom teeth generally begin to become an issue anywhere between the early teens to mid-twenties. These teeth are more appropriately known as the third molars. By the time they arrive, the mouth is often already full with the other adult teeth.

If wisdom teeth are permitted to erupt, they can nudge the other teeth out of their proper position. This shifting can produce crooked teeth and bite problems. In severe cases, the arrival of wisdom teeth can even result in infections.

At Haven Dentistry, we can quickly check young people for wisdom teeth long before they erupt by using dental x-rays. We will happily work together with you in devising a plan to address potentially troublesome wisdom teeth. Our skilled dentists have performed many wisdom teeth extractions, and our patients’ comfort and health are always our highest priorities.

Don’t put off wisdom teeth treatment. Contact Haven Dentistry in Richmond now to schedule your evaluation.

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