Our Richmond, TX, Dentist on 5 Signs You May Need Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implants provide a natural-looking and functional replacement for lost teeth. With their amazing success rate, implants are often considered a permanent fix. However, like any medical treatment, they require attention and can, on occasion, need repair or replacement.

At Haven Dentistry, our dental implant restoration dentist in Richmond, TX, can remedy mistakes by other dentists or fix damage that occurs as part of life. Check out five important signals that may indicate you need to schedule repairs or replacement. 

#1: Persistent Pain or Discomfort

While some tenderness following the initial implant procedure is typical, lingering pain is not normal. Dental implants, like natural teeth, can fall prey to bacterial infections, typically due to poor oral hygiene. Other reasons for discomfort could be nerve damage, an improperly placed implant, or even a fractured implant. Early detection is key to managing these problems and saving the implant.

#2: Gum Inflammation or Bleeding

Healthy implants should not cause gum inflammation or bleeding when you brush or floss. Inflammation around the implant site, if left untreated, can progress to an infection of the supporting bone structure. At regular check-ups with our Richmond, TX, dentist, we can check for gum disease and provide a deeper clean than you can accomplish on your own. 

#3: Loose or Shifting Implant

A stable implant fuses with the jawbone. If the implant doesn’t integrate properly, it could mean there’s bone loss or that the implant failed in some way. Looseness can also indicate a damaged abutment or screw. A loose implant, if caught early, can be saved with surgery. However, delaying treatment can lead to the loss of the implant altogether.

#4: Changes in Bite or Chewing Function

Discomfort or the inability to chew certain foods could be a sign that your implant is not functioning properly. Problems with your bite can arise from issues with the implant’s placement, worn-out prosthetic components, or even fractures in the bone or implant. These issues can lead to uneven wear on the teeth, jaw pain, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Our restorative dentist in Richmond can conduct a bite analysis to determine the root cause and make adjustments to the implant, provide newer prosthetics, or explore other treatments to restore function.

#5: Visible Damage or Fracture

If you see or feel any damage to your implant or crown, like fractures or chips, don’t disregard it. Visible implant damage isn’t just aesthetically displeasing. Fractured implants or crowns can expose the implant’s internal components, increasing the risk of infection or further damage. Contact us immediately if you notice damage. We can evaluate the extent of the injury, and in the case of a fractured crown, fabricate a replacement without affecting the implant itself.

Restore Your Implants with Our Dentist in Richmond, TX

Dental implants can significantly improve your life by restoring your smile and chewing ability. However, sometimes other dentists make mistakes or life throws you a curve. If you notice any changes, pain, or damage, seek immediate help from Haven Dentistry. With proper care and quick action, dental implants can last a lifetime. Contact our office to schedule an appointment to check on the health of your implants.

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