Are Dental Deep Cleanings Necessary?

Have you come across dental deep cleanings and are curious about how they’re different from a basic cleaning? Maybe your dentist has recommended one for you but you’re not convinced it’s necessary. A common misconception we hear among patients is that dental deep cleanings are unnecessary and simply an upcharge tactic.

However, the truth is that dental deep cleanings are an essential treatment in fighting gum disease and maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Our experienced family dentist in Richmond, TX will explain the importance of dental deep cleanings and their many benefits for improved oral health.


What Are Dental Deep Cleanings and Why Are They Important

Dental deep cleanings are also known as scaling and root planing. It’s a gum therapy treatment where the dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar build-up below the gum line and along the tooth’s root surface. This is necessary because these hard-to-reach areas can harbor bacteria that cause gum inflammation and, eventually, gum disease. By removing these irritants, we can stop the progression of gum disease and prevent further damage to your oral health.

Differentiating Between a Basic Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning

A basic cleaning is a preventive cleaning that is done by a dental hygienist. This cleaning only involves removing plaque and tartar build-up from above the gum line and polishing the teeth. A dental deep cleaning goes further by targeting the areas just below the gum line and along the tooth root surface. It’s a deeper, more comprehensive cleaning that needs extra time and care to perform.

Why Would Your Dentist Recommend a Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings, or scaling and root planing, are primarily used for gum disease treatment. They may be recommended if your dentist discovers any gum disease symptoms during a routine checkup, such as bleeding gums, inflamed gums, increased tooth sensitivity, or receding gums. A scaling and root planing treatment can help stop the progression of gum disease, halt gum recession, and prevent tooth loss.

Understanding the Comprehensive Benefits of a Deep Cleaning

The benefits of a dental deep cleaning go beyond preventing gum disease. After a deep cleaning, your gums will be healthier, and your teeth will look brighter. Additionally, a deep cleaning can prevent tooth decay by removing built-up plaque and tartar. It’s also an effective halitosis treatment for patients with persistent bad breath. You will also leave the dental office with a fresher, cleaner feeling in your mouth that can last several days. Overall, a dental deep cleaning is an investment in your oral health that will benefit you for years to come.

A Family Dentist in Richmond, TX You Can Trust

Dental deep cleanings are an essential approach in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. More than simply a thorough cleaning, scaling and root planing target gum disease-causing bacteria to rejuvenate your smile. By taking advantage of this treatment, we can prevent gum disease and even tooth loss for a lifelong of healthy smiles.

To get started with an experienced family dentist in Richmond, TX or schedule a consultation for a deep dental cleaning, get in touch with our team today at Haven Dentistry. We’re excited to be your partner for better oral health and stronger, fresher gums.

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