End of Year Dental Insurance Benefits: Use Them Or Lose Them

Use it or lose it!The month of December is a very hectic time of year, and in the midst of planning and enjoying holiday celebrations, it is quite easy to forget to completely use all your remaining dental benefits and to renew your coverage with your dental insurance companies for the upcoming 2022 year.

This is one administrative aspect of managing your health that should go to the top of your “To Do List,” as your current dental insurance companies benefits will expire on December 31, 2021. We want to remind you that if you don’t use all of your dental insurance benefits by the end of each calendar year, you will most likely lose them, as they do not roll over to the next calendar year.

Your dental insurance plan will have an annual maximum benefit, which may be $1000, $1500 or more. However, if you don’t use your maximum benefit by the end of the calendar year, you can completely lose any remaining benefit. All dental insurance companies work differently and have their own rules. So if you aren’t sure, please give us a call. We can find out for you.

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Some of our patients have already used their benefits and some haven’t used any. So, if you can relate to the latter, please give us a call to schedule your dental appointment as soon as possible. This time of year gets very busy and appointment times become more limited. We’ve also found that certain dental insurance companies may only pay the benefits based on the completion date of certain services. For example, if you begin an implant in 2021, you must have it completed within the calendar year of 2021 as well. Otherwise, your benefits will be paid from your 2022 plan, provided that you still have the same coverage.

Remember that sometimes waiting to have dental treatment completed, based on your dental insurance, can result in needing additional treatment. For example, the small filling you were waiting to have fixed can increase in size and need a crown instead, which can increase your discomfort and the cost will increase as well.

Dental Insurance Benefits: Renew It

Another thing to keep in mind is your dental insurance renewal before the last business day of the year, New Year’s Eve, is an absolute priority; because as most of us know, anyone can experience a dental emergency at any moment. Like any health crisis, an emergency with your teeth can be even more painful both physically and financially, if you do not have the resources to pay for necessary procedures and medications.

Dental Insurance Benefits: We Can Help

X-mas stockingsWhether you need to become enrolled in a plan or currently have insurance and would like to switch dental insurance companies or plans, Haven Dentistry can offer you feedback based on our experiences with the dental insurance companies we work with, so you can choose the provider that is best for you and your family.

We accept all PPO dental insurance plans. The last thing we want, as dental professionals, is for anyone to avoid treatment or live with a dental problem because they cannot afford to have it fixed. Rest assured that we treat every patient’s situation on an individual basis, in order to make it as simple as possible for you to acquire dental insurance.

No Insurance, No Problem

At Haven Dentistry, we understand that not everybody is enrolled in a dental insurance plan and if that is your situation, we want to assure you that your dental health comes first. We offer affordable dental care to our patients, and we also make sure our quotes are as accurate as possible so you are not shocked by any charges on your bill. We can also help you arrange to finance your treatment using CareCredit. This is a credit card that allows you to pay in installments for procedures that cost over $200 or more over the course of one year.

However, keep in mind that you can minimize or even eliminate your treatment financing if you practice the preventative measure of acquiring new dental insurance before the end of 2021. You are also less likely to have to apply for financing if you remember to renew your insurance for 2022, as you will have the security and peace of mind that comes with having ample coverage.

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